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UTI management done from urinalysis? Urine Analysis is an important tool for identifying potential UTI’s. Urinalysis helps patients see signals of UTI before physical symptoms and monitor their recovery.

PURI has templates for popular UTI Urinalysis strips and patients can better manage their UTI by tracking their tests and sharing critical results instantly with their care provider.

We keep adding test strips templates to make PURI the best & easiest place to save your UTI urinalysis results. 

Identify Leukocytes

Leukocytes may be an important indicator of a UTI. Leukocytes may appear in your urine prior to the presence of physical symptoms. Urine analysis is a great way to diagnose potential UTI’s and an indicator of a successful treatment.

UTI Leukocytes
UTI nitrites

Identify Nitrites

Nitrites may indicate the presence of a UTI. Identify nitrites before the onset of uncomfortable physical symptoms. Work with your care provider to manage an infection and track the reduction of nitrites in your urine.

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PURI has templates for popular Diebetic urine test strips. We are adding more strips every day to make this the easiest place to save your Urinalysis results. Want us to add a template for a test strip? No problem. Just ask!