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One of our goals with Puriapp is to promote Kidney Health. The Kidney is often a forgotten and ignored organ of our body until it shows signs of damage. Sadly, once damage appears  it is often too late to cure this and we enter long term diesease management. So with this in mind PURI wants to #makekidneysgreatagain

Now this hashtag is clearly a play on a famous political slogan. But no matter what your opinion on politics we can agree that having a healthy great body is a good thing.

The kidney acts as the filter for our blood. It removes waste products and excess water, and helps to regulate our blood pressure also.  It filters about 180 litres of blood per day. Lets put that in perspective: you have about 8 litres of blood in your body, so your blood is being filtered about 20-25 times per day! Or about once per hour. Like the heart, liver and other organs, the kidney never rests and is constantly working to keep our system in balance.

So where does this filtered waste product go? This is the next logical question. The kidney is the start of the Urinary tract, and the the waster products are evacuated from the body every time we urinate.  Waste water and particles are stored in the bladder until we pee, where it is evacuated.

And what happens when the kidney starts to fail? This is commonly called CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease. It is the destruction of the fine filters in our kidney, often due to large particles such as protein being forced through this fine mesh and causing permanent damage. Other causes can be due to hypertension, where high blood pressure causes excess pressure on the fine filters and over time will damage the kidney, or diabetic patients can suffer CKD as a late stage complication due to excess glucose being evacuated through the urinary tract.

Sufferers of CKD at the most extreme stages of the disease will have to undergo dialysis and will need a transplant to survive. In more moderate stages it is important to change diet and lifestyle to ensure the disease does not progress.

You will find more information on our website about all these issues and more, but in the mean time lets start to raise the status of this important organ and work to #makekidneysgreatagain

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