How to use PURI

Before you begin..


Install PURI

Download & install PURI on your phone


Purchase Test Strip

Purchase your favourite Urine Test Strip


Prepare Collection Materials

Have a urine collection cup and paper towel handy

Step 1
Prepare PURI

From PURI’s home screen click the “Add Test” button

Select  the brand of your test strip or select your saved favorite product.

Select the Urine Test Strip product name you are using.

Lay your phone flat in a safe, dry and clean place ready to use.

Step 2
Collect your Urine Sample


Collect your Urine Sample remembering the recommendations:

  • First urination of the day
  • Collect mid stream

Step 3
Start the Timer

Open Timer

Press the stopwatch icon to reveal the timer

Dip and Click

Dip your test strip in the Urine Sample and start the PURI timer.

Remove the strip, wipe excess urine on the edge of the collection cup.

DipStrip 256x256
Pee Sample No Lid


Your strip needs time to react with the Urine. 

Once the correct time has passed the rows will unlock and you can enter your result.

Urine Test Feature - Testing Timer

Step 4
Record your Results

Measure Result

Compare the color of your strip to the table on your product and identify the result.

Urinalysis test strip
Warning: Do not compare your strips to the colored grid on the screen. The colored template is designed to make input easier, but does not replace the color chart of your manufacturer’s product.

Enter Result

Identify the correct tile in PURI and use one screen touch to enter your result.

As patients generally have only one positive result, to make it faster to input data once you click on your first result the other rows are set to the negative result.

To change this simply touch the tile to update.

Add Photos

PURI allows you to add 2 photos to your record. Simply click the camera button and take a photo.

How2 Input Camera

You can take a photo of your Urine Sample and also of your test strip.

This feature allows you to track the color and appearance of your Urine over time and also keeps a copy of your Urine Test for future reference if needed.

Can't find your Urine Analysis Strip?

 No problem! Just contact us and we will add it. Please fill in the contact form and tell us which product you want us to add.