About us

PURI has been completely re-built. Enter, save, & review results from popular urine test strips. More test formats coming soon.

Protein in Urine? Ketones in Urine? Diabetic? Chronic Kidney Disease? Kidney Stones? Hypertensive? Blood in Urine?

PURI is the only home diagnostic app that allows you to enter and save results from a range of popular urine tests.

Enter your test results and view a graph, or individual results. PURI is perfect for people who take regular urine tests.


  • SAVE: Do not lose an important part of your health record. Save your Urinalysis results in PURI.
  • TRACK: Analyse your results history. On your home screen you can see a summary of all your tests and which assay results showed presence.
  • COMPATIBLE: PURI has templates for many popular Urine Test Strips. Simply choose your product and enter your results directly into PURI with a few simple screen touches. We are adding new tests each week. If your test is not in PURI then contact us and we can add it.


We have implemented the following features, and have more on the way:

  • Manage your health records by saving your Urinalysis results
  • Save favorite templates to make it easy to do a test
  • Use the timer function to always have accurate results
  • take a photo of your test strip or your urine sample. This useful feature allows review of your results by a medical professional and ensures that test strips or your urine sample stay part of your health recorli.
  • Access each individual test and review the test report and photo of your test strip
  • Home screen displays each test and highlights which assay results showed presence of tested compounds.
  • We have more features on the way. We will notify you with new releases.


With our integrated support functions you can:

  • Contact us in-app to add new test templates
  • Contact us in-app with any support or technical questions
  • Review your support queries on our website
  • Not happy? You can delete your account from in the app.

    We have templates from the following manufacturers:

  • Roche Combur
  • Siemens Multistix, Albustix, Uristix,
  • Ascensia Diabetes Care - Keto-Diastix
  • Acon – Mission
  • Diagnox, Urinox
  • AZO
  • Atlas
  • DFI Cybow, One+Step
  • Dirui
  • Yercon
  • Contact us and we will create a template for your product.


  • This app is designed to store your test results and relies on User's to follow the diagnostic manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Please consult a medical professional before making any health or medical decisions from your results.