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We do it many times every day (1% of life time) and sometime many times in one hour (for instance, when we are emotional), generally source of relief, normal healthy human being urinate around 1.2 to 1.5 liters per day. If you wonder why you get rid of this amount of urine  it’s simply because your kidneys filters every day around 150 to 180 Liters of blood every day. Massive work for organs small like a bean!

Unless you have never enjoyed your time when you pee, pee has been always source of fascination since you realized what comes out from your body.

Main elimination routes for liquid wastage, urine is mainly made up of water (around 95%) and pee is normally clear. More we drink, more clearer it is. We find also mineral salts such as sodium and chloride (2,5%), organics waste (0.4%) and pigments which color of your urine.

It left Urea (2.5%) and this is a key product measured (blood and urine) to assess your kidney functions.  If some people use their urine to wash their head, it’s because of this molecule used in many cosmetics as moisturizers. If we like to pee under a tree, it’s because we know somehow that pee is a fertilizer, urea is playing a key role of feeding soils therefore plants. 

Now you know what’s in the pee, what if I tell you that your pee is a reflect of what’s going on your body. If a detective wants to know what happen in a house, he checks first the bin. It’s the same method here except we have liquid and solid wastage. Both of them are important but liquids give more information on organs than the other routes (e.g. main organs: Kidney, Bladder, Liver, Heart….)



All About Kidneys

Here at PURI we believe Kidneys are the unappreciated body organs. We here allot about the heart, but rarely about the kidneys. The PURI urinalysis

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